What is the main goal of PREON INSTITUTE?
PREON INSTITUTE develops new tools for certifying ICO projects, crypto currencies and blockchain technologies for reaching higher standards, faster development of potential and better protection of investors.

By issuing certificates, based on detailed verification of business ideas and other facts, PREON INSTITUTE knows how to separate real and feasible projects from the other ones; it furthermore expresses potential for business ideas: the higher the assessment of a project, the higher is the possibility of it going live and becoming economically successful.

In addition to benefits for potential investors (based on issued certificate, the potential and realization of the project will be more transparent), PREON INSTITUTE Institute also wants to help the ICO founders with its proposals for improving projects. Through this assistance, the investors will be more successful in setting the project goals and later realize those.


Why is the process good for ICO projects and developers of crypto currencies?
Verification and certification of projects carried out by PREON INSTITUTE with help of its Crypto Community Intelligence Council™ (CCIC) provides ICO founders and crypto currency developers with greater credibility, because it separates them from unverified and professionally non-authenticated projects. Such assessment provides investors with a certain level of security and transparency, as well as the unknown and “grey zones”. The higher the assessment, the higher is the possibility that the project will go live in practice and become economically successful.

Assessing the project thus gives investors a higher security, more realistic expectations, less surprises in development of events and consequently, easier decision-making. Investors will invest faster in projects with a higher assessment; they will be more relaxed and will potentially invest more, while at the same time attracting those who have so far not invested due to lack of experience.


What is the real added value of PREON INSTITUTE?
There are several agencies on the market, assessing the potential ICOs. However, these agencies do not work in responsible, organized, verifiable and transparent environment. It is thus not known who is behind them, or if they are independent; why do they do these things and what benefits do they get from assessments.

PREON INSTITUTE was developed as an answer to such “neutral organizations”, because of lack of regulators between ICO promises and the subsequent actual situation (in the absence of controls, regulators and sanctions in the event of non-fulfillment of promises, many projects, financed through ICO, will not come to life later. In such case the investors might lose all or at least a large portion of their money).

The Institute wants to fill the void in the need for a realistic, impartial and highly professional ICO evaluation. It is a completely independent and non-profit organization, operating under the auspices of a world-renowned and recognized universities.

The added value of the institute are highly recognized experts in the field of risk management, auditing, banking in general, entrepreneurship, crypto-currencies, economic development and the like (for each project, there will be a special team composed of previously mentioned experts, who will be most skilled for the area to which the project relates).


How does PREON INSTITUTE compare to other agencies or organizations?
If there is competition in the future, it will not be so professional and neutral as PREON INSTITUTE with international academic background and the status of an independent, non-profit organization. The intention of the Institute is to monitor developments on the market, develop and actively participate in the establishment of legal order, actively cooperate with ICO founders, developers of blockchain technology, crypto currencies – all in terms of proposals for improving projects and market conditions. The Institute will also organize international conferences on this topic, and thus not only remain the first but also be the best.