There are many opportunities in today’s quickly developing crypto community world – especially in ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings or so called ITO - Initial Token Offerings), but there are also many scams and frauds.

Due to lack of governmental regulation, an average investor doesn’t know what is “real” and what is “fake”. Also, an average person has no instruments and knowledge to check the background of a projects, team and company.

This is the gap PREON Institute fulfils. With carefully selected experts and unique technologies PREON Institute checks information and verifies data with innovative First Worldwide ICO Standardisation Platform. This way provides a solid foundation for better decisions and distinction between solid projects and empty ones.

PREON Institute represents a bridge between governments, experts and “new community comers” by offering better understanding and by launching new tools to make these technologies even better and more reliable for our common future. It is non-profit organization with mission to provide the scientific bridge between new edge sciences, cyber technologies and “Real sector” needs - companies, governments, legislation approval offices, etc.

PREON INSTITUTE was established by highly qualified, renowned experts and enthusiasts with technology, industry and academic background who believe that new edge science technologies, BlockChain technology and Crypto currencies represent positive steps towards the future of advanced and more fairly decentralized society. The future of “Internet 2.0”, new Quantum based technologies, robotics and Artificial Intelligence solutions are changing people’s basic thinking and society’s perception around the globe. We are definitely approaching the era of subcomponents, which are becoming basic foundation of all future technologies and positive parallel solution of human well being, as well.

By knowing their fundamentals and upcoming solutions by experienced investors, enthusiasts, experts and other entrepreneurs are now starting to look closer to find long-term solutions.

Lately, governmental tax offices, legislation councils, investigation and other regulators also began exploring possibilities for taxation, further better overall understanding and legal protection of the community.



Dr. Marko Vidnjevic, Ass. Prof. Sc.

Marko VidnjevicScientist, researcher and lecturer at European Academy of Sciences and Arts - EASA, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, Slovenia. Experienced crisis manager. Owning SDA Certificate, obtained by the Slovenian Directors’ Association. R&D advisor in start up companies. Having experiences as International Development Manager in Munich-Germany. Earning a second doctorate degree (marketing and cryptology) at the Faculty of Management - University of Primorska. Accredited at Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) - Ministry of Commerce, China.

Dr. Slobodan Slovic, Prof. Sc.

Scientist, Financial University of Russian Federation Government in Moscow and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences member. Professor of finance and investment (macro/micro economy, crypto currencies, financial R&D) with financial corporation experiences in Russia, ex. Soviet Union countries, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus and in Hungary. Head of Tender Privatization (M&A) Projects in Serbia. Having decade of expertise in positions of CEO, Investment advisor and Member of the Board of Directors in banks.


Urska Gasperin

PhD Student at University of Primorska, Slovenia. She has experience in the PR field as a part of the team in the mayor's office, performing professional and organizational tasks for the mayor and deputy mayor, carrying out tasks in the field of communication and public relations and the tasks of the protocol. She participates in scientific projects and attends scientific national and international conferences. Former administrator in the Tourist Association for Marketing and Management Slovenia (MMD Slovenia).