Dr. Marko Vidnjevic, Ass. Prof. Sc.

Marko VidnjevicScientist, researcher and lecturer at European Academy of Sciences and Arts - EASA, Alma Mater Europaea - ECM, Slovenia. Experienced crisis manager. Owning SDA Certificate, obtained by the Slovenian Directors’ Association. R&D advisor in start up companies. Having experiences as International Development Manager in Munich-Germany. Earning a second doctorate degree (marketing and cryptology) at the Faculty of Management - University of Primorska. Accredited at Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO) - Ministry of Commerce, China.

Dr. Slobodan Slovic, Prof. Sc.

Scientist, Financial University of Russian Federation Government in Moscow and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences member. Professor of finance and investment (macro/micro economy, crypto currencies, financial R&D) with financial corporation experiences in Russia, ex. Soviet Union countries, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus and in Hungary. Head of Tender Privatization (M&A) Projects in Serbia. Having decade of expertise in positions of CEO, Investment advisor and Member of the Board of Directors in banks.

Slavica Pavlovic, CEO Eurobank

President of Executive Board and Chief Financial Officer of Eurobank Serbia. Former audit manager at the PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young’s office. Plan and Analysis Department Associate in Investbanka with a decade of experiences in different projects such as: conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards, the merger of Atlasmont bank and Beranska bank and introduction of the system of internal audit in Nova Banka AD Bijeljina.

Svetlana Cerovic, MBA in Marketing, Stock exchange PR manager

PR and marketing manager at Belgrade Stock Exchange. Member of the Bank Association of Serbia and Member of the Association of Business Women in Serbia. She received multiple awards and recognitions for the organization of many national and international gatherings and for numerous presentations and promotions of books at the Belgrade Community Library and at The National Bank of Serbia. Guest of the Government of USA within the project "Development of Money Market and Capital Markets in YU".

Dr. Nevena Slovic, Lawyer and Tax Adviser

She cooperates with ICAP Securities Ltd., London; CEE Securities, Bulgaria; KD Securities, Bulgaria; Fmg Special Opportunity Fund Ltd., Bermuda; Industry & Construction Bank, Saint Petersburg; Pöyry Infra (Hannover) GmbH; United Nordic Beverage AB, Sweden etc. Former Legal Advisor at broker-dealer company M & V Investments a.d. and at Stock Exchange «Beogradska berza», Beograd. Independent expert in legal affairs at the National Savings Bank Beograd and chief broker at the Euro Fineks Broker a.d., Beograd.

Dr. Nenad Teofanov, Prof.

Full Professor at Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, where he also received his doctorate in mathematics. The thesis of doctorate was Ultramodulation spaces Wilson bases and pseudodifferential operators. He is a Member of the Center for mathematical research of nonlinear phenomena, University of Novi Sad and member and visitor professor of Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group at Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna.

Dr. Mitar Lutovac, Assoc. Prof.

Inventor, professor with research interests in information technology, cybercrime, information systems in banking, ecology, manufacturing systems, alternative energy, new production technologies, etc. He received PhD degree at European University in Belgrade with thesis "The development of information technology and information systems - management approach" and published a number of publications, inventions and innovations. A regular member of Serbian Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts, and foreign member of the Russian academy of natural sciences.

Dr. Marko Paic, Prof.

Lecturer in managerial economics and enterpreneur in new green energy projects. Member of the Association of Economists Serbia, Head of the Students’ Administration Office and R&D department, R&B College, Belgrade and Founder and CEO of Association “New Green Energy”, Belgrade. Previous work experience as Stock Exchange Broker at Eurofineks broker, Belgrade and Supervisor at trading co. “Gor Trade”. He achieved a Doctorate Degree in manegement at International University of Brcko district.


Urska Gasperin

PhD Student at University of Primorska, Slovenia. She has experience in the PR field as a part of the team in the mayor's office, performing professional and organizational tasks for the mayor and deputy mayor, carrying out tasks in the field of communication and public relations and the tasks of the protocol. She participates in scientific projects and attends scientific national and international conferences. Former administrator in the Tourist Association for Marketing and Management Slovenia (MMD Slovenia).


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